Addiction Resource

How to choose the addiction treatment center that’s best for you

Choosing an addiction treatment center can be an overwhelming and difficult process. Here are some basic considerations in deciding the best fit and most effective care for yourself or your loved one.

Research online

Start by doing research online. Look at treatment centers’ websites and social media, read reviews, and learn what others are saying about their treatment experiences.


Call treatment centers

Once you’ve identified some treatment centers that look appealing, call them and ask them questions from the list below that are important to you. When you find a treatment center where the staff are friendly and helpful, and answer all your questions to your satisfaction, scheduling a tour is the next step.

Visit your top choices

Ideally, visit a treatment center in person, before you enter a treatment program. This will allow you to experience the environment and culture, and get a better feeling of whether or not it fits your needs. In cases where visiting in person is impossible, some treatment centers have virtual tours on their websites.